Anypetgroomed Cat Grooming

Dodie of took on the task of grooming our cat Diddie who had some matted fur. Now he not only has no mats, but he is a lot cooler. His hair will be back in about 4 months. Until then, he will look like a little lion.


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No Dogs Allowed at Millenium Park Chicago

I took this video because our friend Cat got in trouble for having her dogs in Millennium Park in Chicago. The sign that says no dogs allowed is posted on a pole maybe 8 feet in the air. The officer that let them know about the rule, did not cite them..but the sign should be placed at dog height at least.


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Goats and Geese Sign Video

Goats and Geese Sign Video

Originally uploaded by Emperor Anton

Here is a video I made about the previous Geese sign post. If you visit the Flickr pics, you will see that I did place them on the map.


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Geese Crossing

Geese Crossing Sign
A road that we drive by numerous times during the week has these orange signs up that asks drivers to slow down while passing so that any animals that maybe crossing the road may pass by without being run over. I always promise myself to stop and take pictures, and finally I did.

Last winter I noticed that the signs were taken down. At one point someone had put up a bed sheet with some writing on it, thanking the person who had made them take down the signs…perhaps a neighbor complained to the local authorities..
They must have gotten approval to put the signs back up, as there they are again. I look forward to driving by the place and seeing what the critters are up to.

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Kutztown Dog Groomer

Yesterday, Dodie from, which is a Pet Grooming company in the Kutztown area, came to my kids house in Kutztown and groomed Milton, who was in a really bad need of grooming. Milton is a sheep dog, terrier mix, and he gets really long matted hair. We actually need to get him groomed at least 4 times a year, but the last time might have been a year ago.

Watching the hair come off of Milton was very entertaining…I am sure he would disagree. Next time, I’ll have to take some better pictures. My camera must have been on night settings or something, because the photos came out really bad.

Milton was a bit defensive to begin with, but by the end of the grooming, Milton and Dodie were old friends.

Thanks Dodie, and we look forward to Milton’s next hair cut.


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Rat Dog’s Cold

Sugar the Rat Dog has had a cold or sinus problems since we got her. This is the sound she make periodically through out the day.
I have been giving her an anti-biotic twice a day in peanut butter for her cold, which does seem to be helping.

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Pet Food for Flatulence

We just got a new dog from the SPCA and Sugar our beloved Rat terrier, has a really bad case of flatulence. I stopped off at the pet supply store in Trappe and Gordon the owner suggest changes in diet to include food with a higher meet content and one that had yucca.
I also got a tooth brush and some beef flavored tooth paste for Sugar’s bad breath.
Gordon gave me about 100lbs of dog food drop off at the Montgomery County SPCA, which I was stopping off at to get some antibiotics for Sugar.

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