No Dogs Allowed at Millenium Park Chicago

I took this video because our friend Cat got in trouble for having her dogs in Millennium Park in Chicago. The sign that says no dogs allowed is posted on a pole maybe 8 feet in the air. The officer that let them know about the rule, did not cite them..but the sign should be placed at dog height at least.



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4 responses to “No Dogs Allowed at Millenium Park Chicago

  1. It’s always a pity when dog’s aren’t allowed in a park! And it’s especially annoying when you get cited for a regulation on a sign you can’t even read at eye level. I’m glad they got off with just a warning. Dog’s should be free to frolic in parks! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I know it’s so important for the animals to have a place to go. It’s like so many other things, when a sign is posted you’re supposed to abide. Therefore anytime you do anything you have to scan the place for signs. Don’t forget to read every little sign at a store, they may charge you $2.00 for you to use a visa.

  3. It because of sloppy people that dont clean up after their dog. Now we all have to suffer

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