About My Pet Blog

My Pet Blog is a blog that has stories about my pets and other peoples pets. The pets may have been pets of the past or current pets. It will also be used to review other pet sites.

Below is the first post I made to this blog, but I thought it was relavant to this page, so here it is, but with a few minor changes.

Pets of My Life

Currently animals that I may take care of on occasion include two dogs: Milton( a terrier sheep dog mix), Pepper(a springer spaniel) and five cats: Herman, Pepper(black cat), Duece, Ditty, and Maggie.

The youngest is either Maggie or Ditty. The oldest is Pepper, who is a black cat that we got around 1992 as a kitten with another cat who recently died, Pumkin. Maggie, Pepper, Duece and Milton live with my kids. Only two cats, Herman and Ditty currently live me. The dog Pepper, is a friends dog that frequently stays with me when her family goes on vacation.

Over the years I have had many pets, mostly cats and dogs. Although I did for a few months have some fish, most of my pets have mainly been either cats or dogs.

As a child living in Maine, we had one cat, a white Persian named Teddy Roosevelt. He later ran away when we moved to Virginia. For a short time when we lived in Maine, we also had a Black Labradore, Bow, who stayed with us while his family was getting readjusted. Great dog, even though he bit me. As a small child I sucked my thumb, and would do so while playing with his ears. I guess he did not like that…oops. I had to get a shot after getting bit.

The next pets that we got were two Siamese cats, Clarence and Mittens. These cats were great loving animals. We had several litters of kittens with them also that could have been considered to be kittens also. Clarence was a very loud cat, so loud that often when my mom was on the phone, people would think she had a baby because his cry sounded like a baby.

We then moved to Pennsylvania, and the cats Mittens and Clarence(this might have been the second Clarence and Mittens) came along. We then for the first time in my life got our first family dog, Lady a dobbermen Pincher. She was not your normal pincher in that her ears were not cropped. She was a big baby, but very protective. I will have to have some Lady stories latter on, because her and I grew up together.

My next cats, came as an adult. At school I actually named my room mates cat Mamma San. Mamma San had a kitten named Gaoogie. He was a really playful kitten( well most kittens are) The next cat that fits into the timeline of my life is my moms cat, BC(Black Cat). BC was an orphan that showed up at my moms house. Then after them would be Pumkin and Pepper, whom came to live with me and my girlfriend, who later became my wife. (now exwife) After my sons was born, we got Duece who was originally Dueceldorf. Then came Milton the dog.

So as you can see from this time line of my life with pets, I have had pets around me for most of my life. I think life with pets is a very normal way to live, and find it hard to believe that there are people out their that do not have any pets.

Well I am going to wrap up this the first post to my Pet Blog because it is 9pm and the two cats, Diddy and Herman require my attention. I feed them at 9pm and first thing in the morning.

If you have any interesting stories, please make a comment.


16 responses to “About My Pet Blog

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  2. Groovy Web 2.0 site for Pet owners Anthony. I will see what I can do for you.

    In the mean time, I was on the new pet forum on Pettags.com. That might be a good site for you to network on as well.

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  11. Hey Anthony,

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    Fact 3: Bunny tantrums and The smell of fox poo are some of the current forum topics on the site.

    There are lot of new developments in the pipeline and we’ll keep you posted as they happen.


    All About Pets is the social network site from The Blue Cross, Britain’s Pet Charity since 1897.

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  15. Hiya,
    Unlike a lot of people on your comments, rather than asking for something, I just wanted to forward this link because I thought you may find it funny (if you do, maybe you could post it for other readers too). Given how many cats you have, I imagine you’ve had similar situations to this:


    I actually ended up buying one of these cat boxes on the advice of a friend and it’s made a huge difference. Tigger, my tabby, no longer gets stressed out over going to the vets so it was definitely a worthwhile purchase! I thoroughly recommend one if you have the need.
    Best wishes and I look forward to more cat posts!

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