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Kitten Pictures

Favorite Kitten PicCame across this blog that is nothing but Kitten Pictures. My favorite Kitten pic on the site was the one above. What a great idea for a pet blog..nothing but kitten pics.

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Pet Collars and Neutering Diddy

Diddy was taken to the Veterinarian this morning to get neutered. As great a cat as he is, we really don’t want to have any more of him running around the neighborhood. Many people don’t like having pets neutered because they feel it is cruel. What would be even more cruel is to kill an unwanted animal.

Going to Vet

While at Patt Verterinary Hospital in Gilbertsville, I noticed the Display Pettags is a great company, with a lot of great animal products. While on their site, I noticed a Break away Pet collar, made for cats. I am not sure I have ever had a cat that wore a collar. I actually got several for Pepper and Pumpkin when they were young, but they did not work very well.
I am guessing here, but I think the Break away pet collar for cats is designed so that when they climb trees they don’t get hung up in the branches. That would indeed be a bad thing.
But why wear a collar? I read somewhere, I believe in Birds&Bloom magazine, that cat owners were encouraged to have their outdoor cats wear collars with bells on inorder to forwarn birds of their presence, which would result in fewer killed birds. Many birds, to include many endagered species, are subjected to becoming prey to our domesticated little hunters, that don’t need to kill to survive, but kill out of instinct.
Just another thing we need to consider while having a cat for a pet that ventures outside. It may not be a natural thing to do, much like neutering, wearing a pet collar could be something that could in the end benefit the cat.

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