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I was contacted by Anthony of who wanted me to check out his pet site and do a little review of Petpop.

Pet owners and I am guessing pet website owners, could use the site to post pet pictures on as well as videos of their pets.

Funny Cat PictureWhen I first went onto the, I actually thought I was on Flickr, because Pthe bottom navigation is so very similar to Flickr. In fact like Flickr which is were I have all my pictures hosted, Petpop is kind of like that, in that it seeks to develop a community of pet owners that will keep their pet pictures and videos there, and check out other members pics as well.

In my brief time checking out the site, I did see some really cool photos, like the one to the left.

In order to comment on pictures you are required to join the community. After joining, you can not only leave comments, but you can then post your own pet pictures and videos as well.

I also noticed that there is a contest page, that businesses can sponsor. Currently it seems there are not any contests running, but I will have to check back in the future to see what they will have.
Much like our sponsor, PetPop also has a pet forum. Hmm, maybe I will have to sign up for this one as well. Can you ever belong to too many pet forums? I think not.

Semi-related pet resources: has a pet shopping category section with lots of groovy pet related sites.


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Design Milk Puppy Pictures

I was on Design Milk the other day and noticed their new puppy post ,which was actually written in December. I then Beanutwent and checked out their Beanut picture set …great pictures. I have an email off to them to see if I can use one of their pictures in this post…I will update the Design Milk post when I get permission. But if you want to see some cute puppy pictures do yourself a favor and check them out. Their Boston Terrier, Norman Beans is adorable.

Love the pictures of the two dogs together…they look like quite a pair.

Update: I got an email permission, here is one cute puppy pic.

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Reasons to Adopt a Needy Pet

I just came across a young ladies blog site, and noticed her post Top 5 Reasons to Adopt A Needy Pet: A ProBlogger WritingMilton Project. In the post, she gives some good reasons why people should adopt needy pets rather than buying them from places like pet stores. MsDanielle had worked at a shelter so she has experienced how the shelters deal with unwanted animals. Stop by and check out her post and read her reasons for adopting needy pets.

I fully support the idea of adopting needy pets. Milton, my dog pictured to the left and in the header image, was such a pet.

This post is for my  entry into MsDanielle’s contest to win a Microsoft Zune.  The same
Zune that was given away by many others including John Chow.


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Flickr Pet Pics

I have been messing around with the site adding a few widgets. Wanted to get the rss for my Flickr pet pics, but not sure if

Pepper Grubbing

Flickr will not let me use an rss feed for sets of pics, but it will let me do an RSS for my main account. So that is what visitors will see.

Go here to see the rest of my Flickr Pet Pic Set.

Please check out my previous Cat picture post.

Some Pet Resources

AnimalsPetsandFriends Logo Dog Resources subpages, with lots of good resources. Plus they have a really awesome logo.
Mypetblog Header image Please visit my Pet Resources page for a list of other pet related resources.

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Cat Pictures

Took some pictures of the older cats last night. Pepper the oldest of my cats, at about 14 years, has taken to spending most of her time in the downstairs bathroom. Duece, a huge gray fluff ball, hides out underneath the master bed and comes out to eat, pee, poop, or to scratch a passerby.

Duece Hiding Out

Duece and Pepper

Pepper Grubbing

Pepper is getting bony in her old age. Being in her golden years now, the kids need to be reminded not to pick her up because she is so old. Pumpkin, who died last year, and Pepper were from a litter of kittens that her mom had. Pumpkin was a Maine Coon Cat with hair in between his toes, and big fox like tail. He was quite an affectionate cat that was always up for some attention. Long since buried in the back yard, I am certain that Pepper will be joining him this winter.


Pepper did pass this winter and is resting in the back field next to her long time friend Pumpkin.


Maggie, a stray from the farm up the road, befriended my daughter and is now an inside cat. I think she enjoyed being a indoor/outdoor cat instead of a full-time indoor cat.

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