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Pet Resource links and posts that contain pet resource information. Pet Forum

I was just on new pet forum. It is free to join and has lots of great threads about pets. Got a problem or want to share some pet info with other pet owners, join the forum by filling out a 5 question form, and start creating a conversation with other pet owners. Banner

One of the current top threads on the forum is about the My Pet Loves Sleep Contest by the I am not sure exactly what the prizes include(maybe more sleep), but there are some really great pictures of sleeping pets that you can vote on.

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Pet Blog Update

Just a quick little post. I just put the Mybloglog widget on the sidebar, but for some reason it just does not look the way I want it too. But oh well. If you stop by My pet blog, and are not a member of Mybloglog, feel free to join…it is free after all. Mybloglog is a tremendous resource that allows bloggers to connect with each other.  Check out my account by clicking the link at the bottom of the widget.

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Flickr Pet Pics

I have been messing around with the site adding a few widgets. Wanted to get the rss for my Flickr pet pics, but not sure if

Pepper Grubbing

Flickr will not let me use an rss feed for sets of pics, but it will let me do an RSS for my main account. So that is what visitors will see.

Go here to see the rest of my Flickr Pet Pic Set.

Please check out my previous Cat picture post.

Some Pet Resources

AnimalsPetsandFriends Logo Dog Resources subpages, with lots of good resources. Plus they have a really awesome logo.
Mypetblog Header image Please visit my Pet Resources page for a list of other pet related resources.

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Visiting Dog

We had a dog staying with us temporarily while his owner was in the hospital. It was suppose to be an extended visit for the Visting Dogdog, but he turned out to be more work than originally believed. First, he started peeing all over the house. Next, he wined to go out at the worst times of the night. He wanted to sleep in the bed with us. Lizzie does not even like to have the cat sleep with us. We compromised and let him sleep on the floor of the bed room, but soon had to escort him out when the gas from our visitor was just too much.

The next day, I noticed pee in kitchen and later realized he had also peed on the radiator. The smell from that made me gag. I also found another surprise from our friend. He had also urinated on a present for my daughter. That was the last straw. The dog had to go. Phone calls were made and within an hour, he was gone.

Other than the smell, the dog was not that bad. Diddy really seemed to like playing with him, however, I could just picture this guy taking a bite out of Diddy, and Diddy would be no more.

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