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Sammy The Surf Dog

If you are a reader of our Travel Blog, you will know that we have gone to the Outer Banks for more than one vacation. In preparation for our OBX trip the year before, I was doing a bit of research on Avon, and came across the blog Paula Queen of The Surf Pirates. Paula is a mom of two, an educator, a surfer, and a pet owner.

Her pet Sammy does daily surf reports(with a little of Paula’s help) that are really funny and helpful. In these surf reports, Sammy tells about his daily beach adventures to include chasing birds and waves. Sammy is also a bit opinionated about cars being aloud on the beach. Recently, Sammy was hit by a car while trying to protect his momma from being hit by a Sammy Gear Hatdrunk driver, but he managed to come out with only a broken leg, and had to stay off the surf for several weeks.

To help Paula with Sammy’s hospital bills, I bought a Sammy Gear hat from Sammy and Paula’s Cafepress store. I actually made a video of myself wearing the hat.

The video was intended to talk about BlogRush, which is a new(several weeks) blog syndication program that involves putting a widget like the Mybloglog or Blogcatalog widgets, which lets you get 1 impression on another blogs widget for every impression your blog has. I have the widget on another blog, but have yet to put it on this blog, because this is a blog, and it does not allow Javascript widgets in the sidebar. I would have to get access to the CSS, but I have yet to upgrade the blogs membership.

Anyway I think the highpoint of the little goofy video was me showing off my new Sammy Gear hat. Check it out, and if you are so inclinded, stop by Paula and Sammy’s store and buy some Sammy Gear.


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I was contacted by Anthony of who wanted me to check out his pet site and do a little review of Petpop.

Pet owners and I am guessing pet website owners, could use the site to post pet pictures on as well as videos of their pets.

Funny Cat PictureWhen I first went onto the, I actually thought I was on Flickr, because Pthe bottom navigation is so very similar to Flickr. In fact like Flickr which is were I have all my pictures hosted, Petpop is kind of like that, in that it seeks to develop a community of pet owners that will keep their pet pictures and videos there, and check out other members pics as well.

In my brief time checking out the site, I did see some really cool photos, like the one to the left.

In order to comment on pictures you are required to join the community. After joining, you can not only leave comments, but you can then post your own pet pictures and videos as well.

I also noticed that there is a contest page, that businesses can sponsor. Currently it seems there are not any contests running, but I will have to check back in the future to see what they will have.
Much like our sponsor, PetPop also has a pet forum. Hmm, maybe I will have to sign up for this one as well. Can you ever belong to too many pet forums? I think not.

Semi-related pet resources: has a pet shopping category section with lots of groovy pet related sites.


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I was just on new pet forum. It is free to join and has lots of great threads about pets. Got a problem or want to share some pet info with other pet owners, join the forum by filling out a 5 question form, and start creating a conversation with other pet owners. Banner

One of the current top threads on the forum is about the My Pet Loves Sleep Contest by the I am not sure exactly what the prizes include(maybe more sleep), but there are some really great pictures of sleeping pets that you can vote on.

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Cool Pet Site- Love the Surfing Dog

While surfing the Internet I came across the site Betty’s Visions , which is an Animal Book about life. Visitors can add pictures of their pet, and they can then download a picture puzzle of the picture, that can be emailed and shared with friends and family members. Love the picture of the surfing dog.

Surfing Dog

I will have to add a couple of pet pics when I get a moment. My daughter will love to see and put a puzzle of a pic of her cat. Will have to add atleast one picture of the familiy dog as well.

Additional Pet sites can be found at the, which is a great directory with many quality listings and categories.

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