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A Dog’s Review of

Just a quick little post to let people know about a post on Queen of the Surf Pirates. Paula, or rather the amazing Sammy Sammy Gear Logothe Surf dog, who I wrote about in a Sammy The Surf Dog post, did a review of  Sammy’s Pettags review, is really funny, although Sammy initially did not want to do the review, he got really excited about it when Paula told him it was for Pettags, because he apparently has been proudly sporting a blue bone shaped pet tag for some time.

In addition to the the dog collars and pet tags, Sammy was pretty impressed with the “Lost human Pet Recovery Program tag so in case my momma gets lost and forgets me on the beach or somthin”.

Check out Sammy’s hilarious review of Pettags, and also please Click the hyper linked picture Sammy Gear Logo to stop by Sammy’s Cafepress store and pick some Sammy gear.


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Sammy The Surf Dog

If you are a reader of our Travel Blog, you will know that we have gone to the Outer Banks for more than one vacation. In preparation for our OBX trip the year before, I was doing a bit of research on Avon, and came across the blog Paula Queen of The Surf Pirates. Paula is a mom of two, an educator, a surfer, and a pet owner.

Her pet Sammy does daily surf reports(with a little of Paula’s help) that are really funny and helpful. In these surf reports, Sammy tells about his daily beach adventures to include chasing birds and waves. Sammy is also a bit opinionated about cars being aloud on the beach. Recently, Sammy was hit by a car while trying to protect his momma from being hit by a Sammy Gear Hatdrunk driver, but he managed to come out with only a broken leg, and had to stay off the surf for several weeks.

To help Paula with Sammy’s hospital bills, I bought a Sammy Gear hat from Sammy and Paula’s Cafepress store. I actually made a video of myself wearing the hat.

The video was intended to talk about BlogRush, which is a new(several weeks) blog syndication program that involves putting a widget like the Mybloglog or Blogcatalog widgets, which lets you get 1 impression on another blogs widget for every impression your blog has. I have the widget on another blog, but have yet to put it on this blog, because this is a blog, and it does not allow Javascript widgets in the sidebar. I would have to get access to the CSS, but I have yet to upgrade the blogs membership.

Anyway I think the highpoint of the little goofy video was me showing off my new Sammy Gear hat. Check it out, and if you are so inclinded, stop by Paula and Sammy’s store and buy some Sammy Gear.


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Cat Pictures

Took some pictures of the older cats last night. Pepper the oldest of my cats, at about 14 years, has taken to spending most of her time in the downstairs bathroom. Duece, a huge gray fluff ball, hides out underneath the master bed and comes out to eat, pee, poop, or to scratch a passerby.

Duece Hiding Out

Duece and Pepper

Pepper Grubbing

Pepper is getting bony in her old age. Being in her golden years now, the kids need to be reminded not to pick her up because she is so old. Pumpkin, who died last year, and Pepper were from a litter of kittens that her mom had. Pumpkin was a Maine Coon Cat with hair in between his toes, and big fox like tail. He was quite an affectionate cat that was always up for some attention. Long since buried in the back yard, I am certain that Pepper will be joining him this winter.


Pepper did pass this winter and is resting in the back field next to her long time friend Pumpkin.


Maggie, a stray from the farm up the road, befriended my daughter and is now an inside cat. I think she enjoyed being a indoor/outdoor cat instead of a full-time indoor cat.

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