What’s The Opportunity Here? from Beachwalks.TV

Beachwalks.TV puts out regular videos, which are personal development types of videos that Roxanne and her dog, Lexi, make on a daily basis from the beaches of Hawaii. Today’s video was a video that talks about turning a challenge into an opportunity.

The video is not about pets, although Lexi, is not really too upset that Roxanne is making a video, because Roxanne is tossing her toy into the waves. I like how Roxanne has turned the joyful task of taking Lexi for a walk into time to make a daily video.

Do you think you could ever be able to use a challenge to make an opportunity for something positive to happen in your life?


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That Cat

Herman is up to his same old tricks. You just got to love that cat…he is quite a character.

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Herman Stole MY Chair

Here is a little video of I made of the little guy Herman, who loves to jump up onto your seat the second after you get up.

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From AllaboutPets.org

Here is the latest news from Allaboutpets.org, which was left as a comment.



Dear My Pet Blog

I am working with Harry on All About Pets, the new social network from Britain’s pet charity The Blue Cross. Here are the latest news…

The site officially launches in August and we’ll let you know all the details before anyone else.
In the meantime we have something very special to tell you about next Monday. It’s top secret for the time being, but you’ll love it (and it involves pets that talk!). We’ll be in touch next Monday with more news.

Just a quick update on All About Pets this week:
The site’s attracted over 5,000 members already which is incredible given that we haven’t launched officially!

Latest articles include a review of the best tips on how to protect your 4 legs friend from the heat (a “hot” topic with summer finally starting) as well as a piece on the Animal Welfare Act, which was celebrating its first anniversary this year.
The latest news includes a story about a parrot who saved the lives of three people (!) and a dog owner who paid thousands of pounds after his pet was believed to be a dangerous breed. More to discover on http://www.allaboutpets.org.uk
We’ll be in touch next week with that special news!

Have a great week.

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Moving Cats

We just moved into a new house. We were a little worried about the cats during the move, but with a little preparation, we were able to ensure that the cats made the transition with little stress.
We first boarded the cats while were moving, then after picking them up we kept them inside for about a week. I read online that if you just let them out of the house, the cats will often times take off for their old home, no mater the distance. In this case, it is under 10 miles.
We also went a purchased a harness pet collar and several nylon leashes to take them out on escorted walks for a couple of days. After the third day of escorted time outside, Herman managed to get out by himself. He came back a short time later, which is a good sign.
Since that time, thankfully, they have both been outside over night. As Herman, can be a real pain at night. It’s not that he is loud, but he usually sleeps with us, and whenever he hears me tossing and turning in my sleep, he comes over and nuzzles me to pet him. 330 in the morning is not the time to be petting a cat.

So in the end, our move with the cats was very smooth and stress free.


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Pups of Palm Beach

Lizzie and I were recently in Palm Beach, but we didn’t get to see any of these cool dogs.  that are in this cool video about the dogs of palm beach from Beach WalkTv.

I love the story about the dog who had not seen his trainer in about 7 years. Goes to show you how smart dogs really are.


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Dogs Love to Play Fetch

I just came across this video on Gadgetspy after being messaged on Stumbleupon by Scousemonkey(thanks Scousemonkey).

This Dog fetching robot looks pretty cool, and I imagine with a bit of customization, it will be out on the market in no time. Jerry, the Dachshund seems to really dig it. I wonder how hard it was to teach Jerry to load the ball back on.

Looks like a great toy to keep pets company that are left alone during the day.


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