Geese Crossing

Geese Crossing Sign
A road that we drive by numerous times during the week has these orange signs up that asks drivers to slow down while passing so that any animals that maybe crossing the road may pass by without being run over. I always promise myself to stop and take pictures, and finally I did.

Last winter I noticed that the signs were taken down. At one point someone had put up a bed sheet with some writing on it, thanking the person who had made them take down the signs…perhaps a neighbor complained to the local authorities..
They must have gotten approval to put the signs back up, as there they are again. I look forward to driving by the place and seeing what the critters are up to.

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  1. tim

    Hey in my opinion, the sign is awesome! I slow down no matter were I’m at, fast roads, slow roads I don’t care, any animal has the right to cop a gander!!

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