Pet Resources

Pet Blog Resources to include Pet ecommerce sites, other pet blogs, directories with pet categories or pet niche directories. If you know of another resource that should be here, post a comment and I will add it if it is approved.

  • A new directory, Pet Shopping. Be sure to keep an eye on this one.
  • General Directory with Pets Category This directory also has a couple of extra features such as being able to vote on links.
  • General directory that has Pet subcategory. Php link directory, looks like a nice original design.
  • General Directory sub pet category, Very simple design, basic directory.
  • One of my favorite online pet retailers, I love the Looney Tunes and is the exclusive Looney Tunes pet tag retailer.
  • General directory that has a pet idendification sub-category, but only has one link in it.
  • Lost Pet Resource a great organization with a mission to stop the killing of animals in shelters.
  • a great resource Just read posting about the hazards of Pet waste.
  • An online marketplace for animals, has information about all sorts of animals from horses to llamas. And I love the name Animaroo.
  • Herbal Remedy Good Cat is a liquid you put into the cats drinking water for “finicky, unfriendly, or territorial” Cats.
  • Poop Picker upper site… Get all the facts about dog feces. This site makes me understand the importance of picking up poop.
  • General directory with Pet category…
  •, a general diectory, with a common directory theme. Pet Category of Oriency.
  • Pets Directory with lots of pet sites.
  • “The Ultimate Pet Directory” The Pet Search – Pet Directory
  •, a pet directory, but the directory is off of the root url, the homepage acutally has some content. I liked the Collars Leads and Harnesses catagory. I have not seen a sub category with this title.
  • A friend has a pug(picture to be added), which is the friendliest dog, so I have to list The Pug Directory, as a resource.
  • One of my favorite directories,, which has a Pet Category.
  • is quite an extensive directory, the pet page is quite long.
  • Online Shopping Web Sites
  • store selling dog toys and dog training equipment and also Puppy Toys. Especially found it interesting that they have a Dog collar category page.
  • pet shopping category page.
  • Newconceptdirectory PetPage with lots of great pet related sites.
  • Dog collar page.

If you have any other pet resources that you would like placed here, please leave a comment, with the url in the comment.

5 responses to “Pet Resources

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  2. Mike Kenson


    I’m a pet hobbyist, i like leopard gecko, a very special lizard.

    I’ve seen your Blogroll has a list of several types of pet, and pet care websites. I just wonder if you could help me to place my leopard gecko website under your blogroll at this website too. My website is Leopard gecko care,

    Hope to get good news from you.

    Thank you very much.


  3. I have two items I wonder if you would mention in your blog.
    First is the One Dollar, One Shelter, One Month Campaign :
    From the AnimalHelp Foundation

    If folks can commit just one dollar and help spread the word imagine how many homeless animals can be helped!!

    Second, this month’s featured shelter is Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary which is practically in your backyard, only about 20 miles west of Rockford, IL.
    I am the director of Critter Camp where we care for the forgotten pets that many shelters do not accept. The animals here were about to be euthanized or had been abused, negelcted or abandoned. Critter Camp is a licensed, registered 501c3 non-profit charitable organization, 100% no-kill, operated by volunteers and supported by donations. We care for over 200 exotic and unusual homeless pets of 30 different speceis!
    We also provide hands-on educational fun tours for small groups to come learn about and experience animals such as a hedgehog, fennec fox, sugar glider, bearded dragon, chinchilla, and much more. We also offer pet owner education and tips on what to consider before you get a pet. We are planning to build a “green” sanctuary building that will use passive and active solar and wind power and other ecologically sound practices in the near future. We are offering to name the facility after a large initial donor too.
    All of the information about the sanctuary, tours, our background and plans are on our site .

    Come take a tour sometime & post awesome pics on your blog too!
    Beth Randall
    Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary

  4. Hi,

    Can I recommend which has lots of unique pet names. Would it be possible to put in on your blogroll or pet resources list? Thanks.

    Best Wishes

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